How To Fuse Art and Your Yoga Practice

Why art can enhance your yoga practice and how to apply it.
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The process of creating with your hands - making art, if you will - puts the creator or artist in the present moment. Much like how yoga is a constant effort in keeping the mind present and mindful, art helps the mind reach that state more naturally.

Even the reflection of art, or the mere admiration of it, allows the mind to relax and be at ease.

This is why we at LiFE Yoga believe that art and yoga go great when put together, and that art can be used to inspire a stronger yoga practice. Here are our tips on how to fuse the two:

1. Try color meditation. During your practice, picture a particular color and meditate on that color throughout your practice. Do not change the color midway, but instead dedicate your practice to that color. You can even place an object in front of you in selected color. Think about what emotions this color evokes, without allowing that emotion to take over. Merely acknowledge your own feelings towards the shade. 2. Create an art-inspired flow. During self-practice, focus on a particular piece of art that you are attracted to. Take notice of its small details: the curves, edges, intersecting lines, images, points where colors blur. Allow these details to inspire your movements and flow. Find yourself staring at a corner with hard, masculine edges? Do a strong standing series that reflects those lines! Let your imagination be your guide. 3. Draw before or after your class. We love drawing out mandalas - geometric circular drawings that reflect our mood as we draw them out. They have the unique ability to capture spontaneous energy. You can even do a mandala both before AND after a single class, then compare your drawings! Notice how they have changed and reflect on what those changes say about the class you just experienced. 4. Learn a new craft. Outside of your yoga practice, learn to create something new with your hands. The process is meditative and trains your mind to be in that suspended state of presence. Even if you already have a particular art practice, trying a new one allows your mind to feel challenged, which is refreshing and keeps you thinking on your toes. Follow our Instagram for announcements on future art workshops at the studio. Our next one coming up is a stamps carving class led by Karla Pasion of Kraft Kart on November 26, Saturday, 9-12NN at the studio. Only P2000 for the 3 hour session, materials included. Book your slot here


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