Tips on Mindful Eating

How to Improve Nutritional Health Without Changing Your Diet!
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Tips on Mindful Eating


We have developed a modern culture where eat-and-run, eating-on-the-go and even work-lunches are normal. Even when we are doing none of the above, we often are distracting ourselves while eating as we have our eyes glued to a TV or our personal devices. This habit of distracted eating creates a disconnect with the act of eating, which can lead to overeating, and a lack of appreciation for food.


At LiFE, we believe that nutrition is a pleasure and that eating should feel as good as it tastes. But are most of us paying attention to how food feels or makes us feel?


Here are our tips on how to eat mindfully to increase gratitude and improve health:

1.     Chew your food 20 times before swallowing. Chewing your food more helps you digest better and consume less food. The slower you eat, the more time your mind has to process that it is getting full. Make sure to not swallow whole chunks of food! 2.     Practice eating one meal or snack alone a day. This means no people or devices! Simply concentrate on the food ahead of you. Try not to observe other people or listen to music either. You can practice this best in a quiet, empty room. 3.     Go through the 5 senses. Before the first bite, take note of the colors you observe on your plate its the smells. Close your eyes as you take that first bite, paying close attention to the sound it makes as you chew – does it crunch? Slosh? Closing your eyes also helps identify how it feels and tastes in your mouth. 4.     Challenge yourself to eat slowly. You can do this by eating with your non-dominant hand or eating with chopsticks if you’re not used to them. Another method is to place your utensils down and placing your hands on your lap as you chew. If you're eating something you'd typically eat with your hands, use a fork and knife instead.

Want to learn more realistic, actionable tips on eating right? Join our Eat To Live workshop with head teacher Christina next Saturday November 12, from 10AM-11:30AM at the studio in Forbestown Road.

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